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Landscape of the North. The little cottage it's surrounded by luxurious greens growing in mountain in the spring season. The isolation is a bless where the quietude brings piece and you can be delighted with the nature, also a moody sky gives a scenery of beauty. The cottage is beautiful and the landscape is majestic, like a paradise.This is an original oil painting, in a technique of pallet knife creating a mix of style in abstract, impressionism and classic. The absence of the sky in a dark grey, just with a soft cloud is making the landscape more in contrast. It's a painting part of the collection North and South.

It's ready to hang. Measurements: 30cm X 30cm X 1.8cm

A discount is applied to the initial price for the Christmas Promotion Season Time.

The Little Cottage | Oil on Canvas

£280.00 Regular Price
£252.00Sale Price

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