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Rafael Alão


Rafael is an artist and architect-in-training based in East Sussex, UK.


A keen enthusiast of drawing since as early as he can remember, Rafael specialises in designing and illustrating spaces, whether natural or human-made, through a variety of media best known for being in every architect's toolbox.

His innate talent in observing and understanding spatial environments is supplemented by a personal interest in virtual realities, and as such, he enjoys drawing scenes from books, movies and video-games alongside his many representations of real places.

Since completing an undergraduate course in Architecture at Oxford Brookes University and gaining RIBA Part I accreditation, Rafael has been working at a local practice in East Sussex which specialises in high-quality, site-specific design.

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Artist Statement

Professional Portfolio

Architectural Design Services

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Japanese Garden_0_edited_whiteborder.jpg


The artistic foundations to Rafael's work. Made with great attention to detail and a mission to capture the light and volume of a space, whether real or fictional, these drawings make excellent use of negative space and attract attention through their textural contrast.



Rafael always carries a sketchbook wherever he goes in anticipation of life's spontaneity. Often architectural in nature, his sketches serve a purpose far beyond preparing for his larger drawings. They express observations, capture the essence of details, and test ideas that appear in Rafael's mind at the most unexpected times.

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