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Nella Alão

Nella Alao Artist Landscape Painter

Nella is an artist painter based in East Sussex, UK.


She is creating unique fine art inspired by scenes of nature that surround and delight her wherever she goes. She mainly uses Oil or Watercolours in Impressionist, Expressionist, Classic or Abstract or even a mix of Styles in one canvas. 


Her first exhibition in 1994 gave her confidence to publicly expose her art and been creating a great number of collectors all around the world. 

From Plein Air, Photography, or Intuition, She captures and transmits to the canvas the mood of scenery, atmosphere, light and movement. 

Passionate for all things interior design and home décor, Nella has worked in special furniture renovation and upcycling of quality vintage pieces since undertaking a decorative arts course in 1996. She uses her wide range of specialist techniques, from painting and gilding, on a variety of ornaments such as fine bone china.

When she finds a piece she loves, she strives to give it a second life. 

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The Grandiose mountain.jpg

Painting is my tool for healing.

When I stand in front of a canvas or paper, with a brush in hand and a prism of colour at my fingertips, I am swept into other Dimension where only beauty and harmony exist. It is here, in the world of Gaia, but in a different spectrum that I am in peace with all the splendour of nature. Its chaos manifested without malice, allowing me to observe its purity and sublimity. 

In the midst of storms, thunderclouds, geysers and tidal waves, I am made to feel small, yet honoured to be the onlooker of a cosmic beauty that surpasses human importance. 

I hope that whoever holds my paintings on their wall receives the same feeling of appreciation for, and connection with, the natural world.

With Love,

Nella Alão

2021-03-26 the ancient geyser edited.png


Scenic oil paintings of the highest quality with unparalleled senses  of atmosphere, in a variety of tones and moods for all kinds of spaces. Find the window to a place that calls to your heart by visiting the Shop using the links below:





North & South Collection

Galleries Collection


Dreamy scenes of various subjects, from calming seascapes to still life and architecture. These watercolour paintings are created on high-quality paper of at least 300gsm weight. They can be easily mounted and framed for display anywhere in your home, and are available at highly accessible prices.

Watercolours paintings by Nella Alao




Nella gives new and unique identities to previously loved pieces of furniture, so that you have a chance at loving them too. With materials, palettes and finishes of the highest quality, these timeless refurbishments will breathe new life into any room.


Exclusive pieces hand-painted by Nella which are a great addition to your home. Porcelains and Marfinite (reconstituted powdered marble) with excellent quality and design that Nella bought in plain blank and painted giving distinctive style and signature. 

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