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Nella Alão

Nella Alao original art and decor

Artist Statement

Nella's inspiration in Fine Art has come from her fascination for natural sceneries of all kinds—mountains, deserts and lakes among them—coupled with her fond memories of Portugal: the sun, sea, beaches and skies have all made their impression. Her work is highly derivative of her mood and inspiration, which she harnesses using expert techniques to create  from calm and relaxing colours, textures, rhythms & movement to a more vibrant setting.

After attending the School of Arts Antonio Arroio in Lisbon, she recognised her preference for the self-taught process in Fine Art. Her irreverence in following the strict rules, times and concepts of academia allows her to instead follow her own instincts. It is a challenge to rely entirely on her own creativity and experimentation, but it is one she readily embraced from the beginning and has since developed into her own 'language'.

In 1996 she attended the “Ricardo Espirito Santos” Arts & crafts College where she mastered many of her painting techniques, including porcelain, tile and many other various decorative techniques like gilding. However to her own creativity and eagerness to improve her self expression ideas comes from the absence of any formal training. Also that same year she was a nominated member of an Art painter’s group called “Arcoartis” which concentrated in the participation and creation of new Art Exhibitions . 


Between 1998 and 2004 she gained a position working alongside prestigious Interior Designers in Lisbon where she made an immediate impression. Her experience and knowledge in decoration enabled her to complete many elaborate works; within luxurious private houses, restaurants, cafes & public spaces. Her own creations and painting were sold within the same establishments for many years.

She has also worked in the Decorative Arts, on pieces of decoration like large frames, revamped furniture change the old finish to a modern one, hand finish ornaments & lamps and sold her art in porcelains and oil paintings. She was a supplier of hand-painted and finished frames to Printemps in Lisbon, where she used a variety of styles including gold & silver leaf , shabby chic, paint & patina , etc.

To date, she has participated in exhibitions held in Portugal, UK and Ireland, with collectors of her artwork all around the world and namely in Europe, the USA, the Middle East, and Australia.

After living in Greater London for 11 years, she moved to the lush countryside of East Sussex, where she is surrounded by delightful landscapes, seascapes and amazing skies that she can contemplate from her art studio. Nella also often travels to places where she invokes her creative vision directly from nature.


Nella believes in energy, healing, and spiritual connection, so her paintings are transmissions of her passion and energy. She mostly creates art in a positive emotion, offering tranquillity, relaxation, peace, and healing, however her Abstract Style is more energetic, vibrating, and full of movement and contrast. Her paintings are mainly in Impressionist or Abstract Style. Painting in Plein Air, using a photography or her intuition bringing her memories from places her travelled and she was delighted. The medium she mostly uses is oil or watercolour.

Nella Alao original art and decor
The Abandoned Croft Scottish Highlands
Watercolours Flowers Still Life_edited
Atmospheric oil seascape painting
Cabinet, Vitrine Display
Outer Hebrides; Beyond
Fog in the Riverbanks
Behind the Dark is the Light
Pieces of decor
Stunning set chair and cabinet
British landscape oil painting
Nella Alao original art and decor
Nella Alao original art and decor
Nella Alao original art and decor
Nella Alao original art and decor
Porcelains, Fine Bone China, Hand painted
Cow & Calf Rocks
Upcycled Retro Mid Century Sideboard
Nella Alao original art and decor
Nella Alao original art and decor
Nella Alao original art and decor
Nella Alao original art and decor
Nella Alao original art and decor
Nella Alao original art and decor
previous studio
In The Studio
painting in the garden


Diamond Arts

Interviewed by curator Nancy Sikah

Nella Alao arts Interview with curator Nancy K.

read the interview here

Italy Radio Interview ART BEAT

with International Art Curator

Roberta Fiano

13 March 2017

Some Exhibitions in the past

Exhibition fine art
Exhibition of art
Original oil canvas, exhibition at St. George's hospital art gallery, restaurant Lanesborough wing

2nd November to 5th December 2015, St. George's Art Gallery, Tooting Broadway, London

Collection of paintings at exhibition
Parallax art fair, chelsea town hall, chelsea London
Original Contemporary oil Painting, Alone but strong as a Lighthouse, exhibition in Porto, Portugal

October 2015, Duas de Letra Gallery, Porto, Portugal

Nella Alao artist original art and decor

September 2015, New Artists  Fair, Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London

The Thawing in Yorkshire Moors

The Thawing in Yorkshire moors, Oil on Canvas

Saatchi selected collection

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Tel:0044 (0) 7553014963  - please DM I will contact you shortly 


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