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Bespoke Furniture

Restyled & Upcycled

Nella Alão specializes in creating unique and one-of-a-kind pieces of contemporary art and home décor. Her collection of antique, vintage furniture consists of high-quality pieces meticulously selected by the artist.

These first undergo a process of restoration and are then renovated in a contemporary chic style and is painted with several layers of high-quality furniture paint, and sealed. The artist can use also as accents, gold, silver, stencil, transfers, wallpaper, wax, patinas, etc. depends on the style its in mind to create an unique piece. The final work is always an elegant and exclusive design, perfect for making a statement in any room.

Vintage Danish Teak Sideboard
Restyled in grey and silver leaf

This Antique Retro Sideboard, Mid-Century Danish teak, was restored and redecorated in a modern Style. Painted with several layers with a fashionable grey in a high quality of furniture paint, used silver leaf on décor, left some areas as top and sides in original beautiful pattern of the Teak wood.  

Danish Retro Cabinet in Grey & Silver Leaf.

Width            Depth               Height

51.5"              16.6"                 27"

131cm            42cm               68cm

Prosperity Vitrine
Pine Display Cabinet Restored and Restyled

Restyled Cabinet Display with glass doors and 2 drawers . Restyled in a Chic French Provence Style  Farm House.

Hand painted in a high quality furniture paint in light blue on front , several layers of wax to protection and finish smooth . On sides and front drawers used embossed wallpaper with little leaves , it was hand painted with 4 colours of blue and blue/green  creating and unique and chic style with an accent with gold.

New Knocks was fixed in a beautiful and rare design of Koi fish in gold. Koi fish are considered an element of prosperity so the reason artist calls this piece Prosperity Cabinet.

A touch of gold around the doors on glass fixing.

Inside of the display and drawers its covered by the same wall paper and painted in flat colour and has a top finish to protection. Internal the display cabinet its in an elegant dark blue/grey colours, one drawers internal painted in deep blue / teal and the other drawer in green sage.

The back of the cabinet and internal parts that still in wood pine has a good layer of wax to protection. 

Width            Depth               Height                        

92 cm            42cm               186cm


 Pandora Cabinet 
Vintage Cabinet Restyled 

At Nella Alão, we are passionate about creating unique works of art and home decor that make a statement. We specialize in contemporary fine art and home decor, and our signature product is the vintage cabinet we restore and renovate into a contemporary chic style. This cabinet is artfully painted with several layers of high-quality furniture paint in graphite and black, and often feature a white finish. These cabinets are the perfect way to make a difference in any room, whether it be a cocktail bar, bedroom, or hallway. Come explore our selection of one-of-a-kind pieces today.

Glamour Cabinet in Graphite /Black & Gold Leaf.

Width            Depth               Height                        

72 cm            43cm               105cm

Pandora Set Armchairs + Table
Vintage Luis XV Style Renovated and Reupholster