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North & South Collection

Initially I created this new project around two beautiful places that fascinate me to no end: the Scottish Highlands and the Portuguese Alentejo, however I can including many others stunning places that can be playing the difference and similarity between north and south.

By omitting the sky, I was able to create a stronger focus on their shapes and colours and bringing to light their differences and similarities. These two regions, despite being almost completely opposite, share more in common that one might initially think. Their pure, natural beauty and dramatic intensity inspire a peaceful and hopeful feeling.

Initially the idea was creating paintings of Scotland but then I realized the beautiful landscapes of Lake District, the moors of Yorkshire and Lancashire make as well a perfect match for these Series. Maybe the South will be represented by others landscapes scenes of different countries as well.

The background of the paintings are created in a dark grey, as the old fine art school they use plain dark or black background to represent portraits and flowers subject, so I thought why not use in landscapes as well, one first test i was very happy because its a mix of traditional and contemporary style.

However if you prefer a sky with some clouds I can create it, keeping some darkness to more contrast, see the example below on page with one painting already made. 

The result of these paintings is a more contemporary artwork which will looks beautiful with a modern frame but also in a classic one, any interior design will be precious with the paintings.

Four of the paintings are framed by a specialist framer using with a modern high-quality black with silver detailed frame. 
Contact me if you would like any other paintings with this frame design.

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