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Original and unique oil on canvas painting. A majestic addition to a large, prominent wall at an oversize of 130 x 230 cm.

A full-height painting which creates an impressive and luxurious space, and emanates an unique atmosphere.


Adamastor in the Kingdom of Neptune was created as an interpretation of the mythical protector of the seas, an embodiment of godly might and wrath, from the epic story written by the renowned Portuguese poet, Luis de Camões. When the Portuguese tried to cross unknown waters into the Indian Ocean during the Age of Discovery, they encountered an area of immense storms at the Cape of Good Hope which was believed to be reigned by an angry God or a monster in the Kingdom of Neptune that sunk the fleet's caravels: The Adamastor. 


In this painting Nella created a dramatic and beautiful seascape representation of a sea in a storm with the cloudy sky and waves crashing on the rocks. It's a semi-abstract using techniques of loose strokes and palette knife to create texture suggesting the appearance of rocks in the sea.


This painting is ready to hang by poles, a process created by the artist that makes a unique look and is easy to transport, also easy to remove without damage if the buyer wants to frame the painting. Price on appointment; please contact me if you are interested.

Adamastor in the Kingdom of Neptune _ Oversize Painting


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  • 130cm x 230cm 

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