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This beautiful oil painting captures the essence of the stunning Outer Hebrides coastline, particularly the idyllic White Sands beach.

Measuring 40cm x 40cm and unframed, it perfectly captures the beauty of this remote part of Scotland.

The artist's passion for the area shines through in the intricate brush strokes, depicting the white sands, turquoise waters and misty hills.

This contemporary seascape would make a stunning addition to any art collection and a perfect reminder of the breathtaking landscapes of the Outer Hebrides.

The artist worked in this painting in her favourite style, a mix traditional and abstract, using Reality and Intuition.

Painting oil on stretched cotton canvas, is ready to hang, unframed. Artist Signed in front of painting and back with details.

Serenity in a White Sands Beach| Oil on Canvas


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  • 40cm x 40cm

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