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People dream to climbing and get on the Top of Grandiose Mountains.

These Mountains are extremely beautiful, extremely powerful, do not be perturbed, so getting in the summit is for the ones full of courage. The others can be delighted observing the beauty of the majesty. Grandiose Mountain is an original oil on deep canvas painting, one-of-kind, unique and exclusive to the buyer.

The artist was inspired by the breathtaking mountains in Lofoten, Norway.

This oil painting was created using palette knife making the shape of the rocks and the mountain, light and shadows. Its full of texture and intensity. The sky using strokes gives a softly and deeply, making contrast with bright white of the snow. Beautiful deep blues, white, grey, black and a touch of a blush in a cloud in sky.

Dramatic and luxurious the composition of the painting. A painting to impress.

Original landscape oil on deep canvas painting.

A discount is applied to the initial price for the Christmas Promotion Season Time.

The Grandiose Mountain | Oil on Canvas

£1,900.00 Regular Price
£1,615.00Sale Price

10% OFF on orders over £1,500

  • 60cm x 60cm x 4cm

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